Monday, July 25, 2016

Lok Lok Fatt at NTV7 Alice In The WonderLand ~ 碌碌发在NTV7 爱丽丝历险记

Thank you NTV7 Alice In The WonderLand choose Lok Lok Fatt Steamboat BBQ as "temporary actor" in your drama, we are serving our best...
hope Emily 陈子颖, Kyo 庄仲维 like our food as well.. Lastly please support local drama Alice In The Wonderland爱丽丝历险记 谢谢NTV7 爱丽丝历险记 选择碌碌发Steamboat BBQ成为你们剧中的临时演员,我们会做到最好。 希望Emily 陈子颖, Kyo 庄仲维 喜欢我们的食物。 最后请大家支持本地制作的Alice In The Wonderland爱丽丝历险记;

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