Friday, November 26, 2010

welcome to Lok Lok Fatt Blog ~ 欢迎到碌碌发部落格

Lok Lok(steamboat) is one kind of the street food which famous in Malaysia, it is put the stick food(food put on a stick) into a hot bowl The stall of lok lok is always prepared with hot soup bowl, and various food on the satay stick. The way of enjoying this  is just simply dip stick food into hot bowl, take them out again after few minutes. After that, you can choose to eat it originally or mix with various sauces. If u enjoy the warm Lok Lok at a cool night, life is a great pleasure.

next we also prepare fried service, u with a special fried powder combine with the food, it's taste good and suitable for everyone.

beside, we also ready with BBQ service, our special of BBQ is with the special teppanyaki sauce. so that all the food can be cook with a different way.

so.. steamboat + fried + BBQ 3 in 1 service
more than 50 choice of food...
wat are u waiting for?

we are ready for catering service. 

contact us for catering service !

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